Christian Orthodox Sunday School

“It’s better to build children, than to repair adults”

By investing our resources “upstream” at a very early age, we can increase the probability that out children will use the Christian principles as a reference point for their adult decision making needs.

Sunday school is held every Sunday, from September through June. The youth attend Sunday School right after communion.

Pre-School / Kindergarten:

Teaching, The wonders of it all! covers the basics of the Orthodox faith. We include the teachings of the Lord’s Prayer and the sign of the cross, which are practiced every Sunday before starting Sunday School class. We encourage parents to work on these basics, a wonderful start for this age group.


The senior Class of Sunday School, consists of sophmores through seniors in High School. This year, we energetically embarked on the Book of Revelations. This complex book of the Bible is a difficult one to teach and to study. We’ve gained an understanding of where St. John and the people of the time were from, and te persecution they were under. We are now going to study spirituality, and gain a deeper knowledge of what we do during the Divine Liturgy and during other services. We will determine what tradition is and what has been taught to us through the Fathers of the Church and through the Bible. We are constantly changing and learning, which makes for a very interesting class.