The Parish Council

The Parish Council are representatives of St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church in the administration of its properties and affairs and all routine administration of the church.

The Parish Council meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. All concerned parishioners are invited to attend. A nominating committee is appointed every year by the Parish Council Chairperson, to search for the candidates that can best serve the needs of our church. To qualify a candidate must be 21 years of age or over, have been a Voting Member of the Parish for a period of two (2) years before his/her term of office begins, and has fulfilled the Canonical requirements of the Faith.

The Parish Council consists of the following:

The Pastor
-Voting members that consist of nine persons that have been elected from the voting membership of our Parish for 3 year terms.
–Ex-officio voting members that serve as the Presidents or Chairpersons of our church organizations
-Ex-officio non-voting members which consist of the following:
Christian Education Director
Choir Director
Teen SOYO Advisor

Fr. Michael Ibrahim
Deacon Nicholas Mahshie

Parish Council Members
Chairperson- Kathy Fedrizzi
Vice Chairperson- Diane Sopp-Sauro 
Treasurer- Tony Abboud
Secretary- Elaine Buza
Rami Al Khoury-
Khader Fashho-
Michel Nasr-
Faris Sousou-
Mohammed Tadros-


St. Elias Antiochian Women Officers
President:  Suad Jabaji
Vice President: Nuha Sousou
Treasurer: Diala Makhlouf
Secretary: Layla Elias

Teen Soyo Directors
Sunday School Directors
Choir Director
Ambassador, Order of St. Ignatius